“Why didn’t God take away the scars? Because it was the most powerful story. Jesus didn’t even cover up His scars. They were healed wounds. Our scars are a witness to the world. They are apart of our story. Healed wounds that are symbols that God has restored us.”
- Louie Giglio

Tips to fading old scars (well done if you’re staying clean!)
- bio oil, it’s perfect. Apply twice daily for two months at least. Quite expensive but worth it if you apply RELIGIOUSLY
- lemon juice! It’s awesome. Natural lemons. What I did is squeeze a lemon into a spray thing. Buy a candy spray thing with a removable top then replace with lemon juice and bam! Spray onto scars and where ever to fade an bleech them so they are less visible

Hiding them: armbands/wristbands, sweatbands (decorate them to your liking)
- buy arm warmers (in winter)
- lots of bracelets (or thick ones)
- long sleeves but its annoying D:
- tatoo cover (real or fake)
- drawing over them

Tips for distracting yourself:
- use red pen
- put plasticine on your arm and cut that instead
- go for a jog or some exercise (releases endorphins just the same)
- snap elastic band (don’t recommend as it’s still harming)
- paint nails!
- draw/colour

Stay strong message for more tips love you all x

Jesus died for our sins. He is the reason we are all living today and the reason we have forgiveness and are able to forgive. He went through immense pain and suffering just to purify those who didn’t deserve it, who had accused the Lord of unimaginable things, cursing his father and our God, yet he helped them anyway. We should honour him as we would our own fathers and children, we should love him, as he loves us. We should forgive the sins of those around us as he did, and learn from our mistakes and own sins. You can’t expect to be forgiven by others if you don’t forgive.

Take this day and move forward, forgive your own sins as you know jesus will, don’t sit in regret and self-hatred, if you have sinned as everybody does, make up for them through acts of kindness, through forgiving and through helping. And most importantly, love yourself. You were made in Gods image, take steps to loving yourself and treat your body as though it is God’s, you dont need to cut it, starve it or abuse it in any way. You were created this way and no matter what, you are loved.

Everyone is here for a reason, and your reason will be revealed soon, don’t cut your life short or feel you are worthless, you’re not. Take these words, whether you believe in God or not, and take heed, make sure you decide your purpose, and create a new you starting today ♥♥

Sorry I haven’t been on lately, my parents found out about my self harm
I was just about to end a good day with an hour journey home but my mum was like what is that on your wrist.
I told her it was the cat, but she wasn’t buying it, I knew she was onto me and there was nothing I could do. She was angry and annoyed, started texting me on the journey home asking what I used and why I did it (she couldn’t ask cause my sister dad and nan were there too)

I told her she wouldn’t understand, and she didn’t. She began crying and was just so shocked, she said she will see them, I started shaking and worrying, why did she want to see? :(

So we finally got home and I ran upstairs an hid my blades in case. she came in and told me to show her, I did say no but I did have to. Although I hadn’t done most in a month, 2 were recent and the deepest, and she was shocked again asking me loads of questions. I told her the cat went over two of them which is why they looked bad, dunno if she believed me but she is under the impression I did it all in one go when I had a bad day and that I started last month that’s it
:/ perhaps one day I’ll tell her everything but I am determined to stay clean now, I finally realised they are gonna be there with me, haunting me, and i won’t give in to my demons anymore.
She told my dad who surprisingly wss calm and hugged me saying he is always here, and we had a laugh and a good night after

Still feel horrible though and they must think im so stupid, cause they don’t understand

Good luck to anyone suffering and know you’re not alone and that you should always tell someone x