Jesus died for our sins. He is the reason we are all living today and the reason we have forgiveness and are able to forgive. He went through immense pain and suffering just to purify those who didn’t deserve it, who had accused the Lord of unimaginable things, cursing his father and our God, yet he helped them anyway. We should honour him as we would our own fathers and children, we should love him, as he loves us. We should forgive the sins of those around us as he did, and learn from our mistakes and own sins. You can’t expect to be forgiven by others if you don’t forgive.

Take this day and move forward, forgive your own sins as you know jesus will, don’t sit in regret and self-hatred, if you have sinned as everybody does, make up for them through acts of kindness, through forgiving and through helping. And most importantly, love yourself. You were made in Gods image, take steps to loving yourself and treat your body as though it is God’s, you dont need to cut it, starve it or abuse it in any way. You were created this way and no matter what, you are loved.

Everyone is here for a reason, and your reason will be revealed soon, don’t cut your life short or feel you are worthless, you’re not. Take these words, whether you believe in God or not, and take heed, make sure you decide your purpose, and create a new you starting today ♥♥

Sorry I haven’t been on lately, my parents found out about my self harm
I was just about to end a good day with an hour journey home but my mum was like what is that on your wrist.
I told her it was the cat, but she wasn’t buying it, I knew she was onto me and there was nothing I could do. She was angry and annoyed, started texting me on the journey home asking what I used and why I did it (she couldn’t ask cause my sister dad and nan were there too)

I told her she wouldn’t understand, and she didn’t. She began crying and was just so shocked, she said she will see them, I started shaking and worrying, why did she want to see? :(

So we finally got home and I ran upstairs an hid my blades in case. she came in and told me to show her, I did say no but I did have to. Although I hadn’t done most in a month, 2 were recent and the deepest, and she was shocked again asking me loads of questions. I told her the cat went over two of them which is why they looked bad, dunno if she believed me but she is under the impression I did it all in one go when I had a bad day and that I started last month that’s it
:/ perhaps one day I’ll tell her everything but I am determined to stay clean now, I finally realised they are gonna be there with me, haunting me, and i won’t give in to my demons anymore.
She told my dad who surprisingly wss calm and hugged me saying he is always here, and we had a laugh and a good night after

Still feel horrible though and they must think im so stupid, cause they don’t understand

Good luck to anyone suffering and know you’re not alone and that you should always tell someone x

ARGHHHHHHHHHH what do i do?!!?!!!! 

I am needing so badly to do it, I don’t want to relapse, it’s been nearly a week and I am getting there, but I have had such a crap day and want to bleed my emotions out, it hurts :( Just trying to think better of it but the more my scars fade and the more emotional I get I don’t know if I can :(

What I wish. (Speech/poem, please read, very relateable!)

Do you know what I wish?

I wish I could see everything optimistically and be happy and carefree

I wish I could make people happy by seeing I am happy

I wish I could make people proud to know I am getting somewhere in life

I wish I could actually see that I am getting somewhere

I wish that I could see everything that happens as an opportunity,

that I can do anything I want to

that nothing is impossible

But that is not how I am.

I wish that I could slop around the house in tank  tops and shorts

I wish that I had clean arms and legs and a thin stomach

That I didn’t have to hide my scars and my fat

But I have scars, and I have fat, so

that’s just not how I am.

I wish that I could enjoy and appreciate life

the life God gave me

I wish that I could live every day like it was my last

and not wish that it WAS my last

I wish I could talk to people I don’t know, and make them laugh

make them smile and make friends so easily

But I can’t, that’s not how I am.

I wish I could think positively, see how far I have come and how strong I am

I wish I could see my achievements as exactly that, not as failures

I wish I could openly talk to people about my problems, and have them console me

telling me that it will be okay

and I wish I could believe them when they do

But, that’s not how I am

I wish it was how I am, but it isn’t

So i’ll keep wishing

and hope that one day, wishes do come true.

Resisting the blades

I just had a bath and brought the blades in with me, I held them in my hand, but I resisted, I put them down. I kept picking them up and staring at them, but I left myself alone.

If I can do it, SO CAN YOU. I haven’t been 2 days clean in a while, so you can do it, keep going. ♥♥

15, 3

3. Last text message: “bro whoa whoa bro” (don’t ask lool)

15: This year have you made a new friend?: Not really a new one I don’t think, perhaps I talk to some people I didnt as much before

7, 18, 29, 45, 72, 98 they are random i dont fink i kno them but u want5 numbers so

7. Been cheated on: Nope
18. Met someone who changed you:

Yes, I guess, my friend who self harms that i didn’t know about, she helped me cause she understands

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for

University, or my future, cause I hate school! But at the moment i cannot WAIT for my birthday which is the same day as study leave i think!! :D

72. nice stomach or nice arms 

Nice stomach definately i wish

98. Out Of Everything In The World What Do You Wish For 

to be happy and make my family proud